2020 BMW M4 G82

The 2020 BMW M4 G82: More Stylish and Stable

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Time goes by so fast, with increasingly sophisticated technological developments. In a blink of eye, the new BMW M3 series has now become old news, and the 2020 BMW M4 G82 comes with new technology and upgrades.

Legendary automotive brands and prestigious BMW car have never failed to give personal satisfaction to their fans. Classy cars with elegant style and prominent performance are always the hallmark of BMW. So what’s new from the M4 series? Read on this article to get the latest predictions of everything you need to know about the M4 series.

2020 BMW M4 G82 Exterior
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2020 BMW M4 G82 Engine Performance

The engine for the 2020 BMW M4 G82 series will be upgraded, with straight 6 multiple turbo engines. The resulting power reaches 335-370kW at its peak, which is a stronger starting point than the previous generation.

Some features to save fuel will be improved, with a 48V electrical system, this will reduce the pull of the enhancements on the engine and the turbo will be rolled up. To keep the temperature low in the combustion chamber, water injection system will be applied here.

2020 BMW M4 G82 Exterior and Interior

Specs for the 2020 BMW M4 G82 is likely to be built more dynamically, with a more aggressive front bumper to provide aero elements that cool down the brakes and turbocharges. The hood of the dome car is a sign that means a powerful BMW motorsport engine is laying underneath, also with a distinctive wing mirrors as another signature from the M car.

It is estimated, the roof of the car will use carbon fiber material that will keep the weight low. Likewise with the other body parts starting from the door, support, hood, wings, made from lightweight material yet strong and tough.

On the wheel, the 2020 BMW M4 G82 will come with large velg measuring 19 inches, and wider at the rear. There is also a size of 20 inches for track orientation which can be an alternative choice.

To compensate for this, the brake performance will be increased with the option to repair carbon composite discs and larger calipers to hold the load when stopping suddenly on the track. At the rear, there is a set of quad exhaust pipes that are integrated into diffuser in the back, also on the spoiler on the boot lid.

In the engine section, the 2020 BMW M4 G82 will likely use the straight-six version 3.0 liter turbo which is capable of producing 480hp, which means 50hp larger than the current model.

2020 BMW M4 G82 Specs
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Overall the weight of this series is pretty light, at least 50 kg lighter than its predecessor, equipped with gearboxes and the latest technology, we can expect that this vehicle can run from 0 to 62mph in just 4 seconds.

Meanwhile, the four-wheel steering is expected to be more stable and agile, it gives more comfort to drive with accurate precision, especially when making a turn.

The character of this series will be somewhat softer than the F80 or F82 version which is famous for being ‘wild’. The engineers behind the manufacture of M4 want a more stable, balanced and confident car, with a more flexible driving quality.

Adaptive attenuation will be increased to provide overall driving comfort. Adjustments to the electric steering are designed to provide more precise weight and balance.


2020 BMW M4 G82 Release Date and Price

Based on what was reported in Car Magazine, the 2020 BMW M4 G82 will be exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September 12-22, and sales will open in 2020. However, pre-orders can already be done possibly before 2019 ends.

Currently the official price has not been released by BMW, and will only be out before launching. Considering the current prices on the market, it is likely that this M4 model will be offered starting at 60,000 ponds.