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2021 GMC Granite: Gm’s Future Subcompact Crossover

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Small and compact, the 2021 GMC Granite will be among the line of subcompact crossover from GM. The vehicle is claimed to be segmented for entry-level because of the small size. Throwback to the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, the automaker had implied the launching of GMC Granite by revealing the crossover concept.

Having lower price and size than the Terrain crossover, the small truck is going to be the most affordable, popular options among General Motor’s products. At a glance, the 2021 GMC Granite is mechanically similar to the Chevrolet Trax as well as Buick Encore.

Speaking of both, the two vehicles are constructed based on General Motor’s Gamma II architecture that specifies on small vehicles.

Despite the possibility that the automaker will use another name other than ‘Granite’, it is predicted that the smallest crossover will be on the market immediately.

2021 GMC Granite Engine

The small truck is predicted to be powered by the advanced version of the 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The engine is recently applied to Trax and Encore. The generated power is about 138 and 153 horsepower. 155 horsepower is seemingly possible since it allows gradual power based on application.

Meanwhile, the offered transmission will be the 9-speed automatic gearbox. However, the automaker also implies the possibility of setting the Terrain’s 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine in Granite. The diesel engine produces 137 horsepower and 29 mpg of EPA highway rating in the Terrain.

Expect some powertrain similarities to the 2021 Chevrolet with several distinctions, of course. Rumor has it, the 2021 GMC Granite will be developed based on GM’s latest VSS-F platform. It shows possibilities that the automaker will offer front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Also, you may expect the hybrid version of Granite, as the automaker is likely aiming at increasing the fuel economy numbers.

2021 GMC Granite Exterior

Unfortunately, it is difficult to even predict how the 2021 GMC Granite will look alike. Hints are hardly found. The same thing goes to the Chevy Tracker. The automaker road-test the car by applying full camouflage.

However, referred to the SUV appearance from the automaker, there is a potential that the truck will have that typical large and voluminous cut.

Looking back to the previous models, the bulky appearance perhaps goes along with round edges. As a subcompact crossover, 2021 Granite can carry a maximum of five passengers on board. Because of a unique, boxy and compact design, the GMC Granite has been compared to Kia Soul. Those are the only hints brought to make the design of the latest Granite more imaginable.

The Granite is likely built at the GM’s plant in Mexico, alongside the latest Chevy Trax and other new lineups. It is also predicted that the automaker will produce the car in South Korea’s factory, the place where the latest Encore is produced, but with less probability since GM is reportedly to decrease the production in the country.

2021 gmc granite
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2021 GMC Granite Interior

As well as the exterior appearance, the automaker does not reveal hints for the interior. Even though so, looking to recent GMC cars, we can assume that the 2021 Granite interior will be finely designed.

Despite so little detail revealed, based on the publicized concept back then at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, the Granite interior presumably applies foldable right seats so you will have spacious, even cargo area. Also, to make the vehicle feels more spacious and comfortable, a hinged rear door allows a wider open entry.

Of course, we can expect the noted luxury interior than previous models already had. We also hope the leather upholster, glass window, as well as technical assistance and navigation system, are going to be significantly improved. For an exceptional driving experience, we hope that the vehicle has the latest technology of driving assistants such as cruise-control systems, cameras, sensors, and a whole lot more.

Those changes make a luxurious and comfortable trip. Due to the limited information about the car details, you can rely on the 2020 auto show for more features and designs unveiled.

2021 gmc granite interior
via motor1.com

2021 GMC Granite Release Date and Price

When is this latest subcompact crossover going to hit the market? It is said to be available in early 2021. However, enthusiasts expect it will be ready sooner as competitors are going to launch theirs with trendy, sophisticated designs and features.

It is alarming enough for the GM to work on the car progressively to gain its market target for the car segment.

The price of the latest Granite is predicted to start around $24.000 for the trim level of base LS. The highest price is for the Granite Denali trim level—a type that may be as well offered by the automaker—that is predicted to be around $32.000.

Meanwhile, the SLE and SLT trim levels are assumed to be sold at each $25,000 and $29,000.

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