The 2021 Buick Lacrosse, A Large Luxury Sedan That Will Pamper China Market

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Automotive market in China is always spoiled by the cool sedan series produced by Buick, an car maker company that is a division of General Motor. And the 2021 Buick Lacrosse will certainly make many people jealous, since it comes with very handsome look with comparable technology and engines.

In the beginning, Buick Lacrosse is a brand for a medium-sized elegant sedan that has actually been marketed by Buick since 2004, but it seems that this model did not make good sales in its home country, the United States.

However, it precisely has the largest market share in China. Actually the Lacrosse class is above the Regal series which turns out to be more popular in America.

Lacrose had experienced a name change when it was marketed in Canada, which was to become Buick Allure. In 2010, this series underwent major changes and was upgraded to a premium-class large sedan.

Then it experienced a redesign again in 2017. Until finally the Lacrose producing plant in Detroit, the United States was closed down in the beginning of 2019, and focuses on the Chinese market ever since.

That is a bad news for luxury sedan enthusiasts in Europe or the United States actually, because with all the new look Buick gave to Lacrosse, many American or European people start asking if they can buy it in their country, which unfortunately cannot.

2021 Buick Lacrosse Exterior

Handsome Exterior Design

Since the 2020 series, the 2021 Buick Lacrosse has indeed appeared with a handsome new design like a sexy man with broad shoulders and character lines, which steal anyone’s attention whenever this car goes. Grille on the front shape a nice horizontal pattern, a more slim headlamps with a neat and modern LED design, also with a lower bumper provides a classy touch.

At the rear, the lamps are smaller and integrate nicely with chrome on the trunk lid. Then noone can ignore the sporty sense when seeing the double exhaust in the back of the car.

This cool and handsome car can only be enjoyed by the Chinese market since GM just shutdown some of its plants including the Detroit-Hamtrack which were used to producing cars for the American market. But indeed many say that Buick’s best market has always been China.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2021 Buick Lacrosse is likely to experience only small changes with several different material choices for seat upholstery, depending on the trim class. This trim level will also affect the entertainment features offered, with prices following.

Overall, the Buick Lacrosse provides maximum driving comfort, spacious large cabin space, equipped with various advanced technology features, and luxurious interior materials. But unfortunately they too focus on the cabin and neglect the cargo, since the size of the cargo is rather small and is not practical to carry many stuff.

2021 Buick Lacrosse Interior

Engine Performance

Engine performance is also improved in this series, although possibly the 2021 Buick Lacrosse will still use a 2.0 liter turbocharged with 4 cylinders with LSY engines, same as the previous model. The ability of this engine will produce the strength that is equivalent to 237 hp with 258 pound-feet of torque.

But to meet the emission standard 6B policy, the possibility of the 2021 engine will be replaced by a 1.3-liter engine capable of generating 160 hp that produces lower emission.

With all its appearance and performance, the Buick Lacrose is able to stand out compared to competitors such as Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300, Lexus ES, Kia Cadenza.


As a large luxury sedan, the 2021 Buick Lacrosse is likely to be offered starting at $30,000.