2020 Cadillac XT5 Changes And Review

2020 Cadillac XT5 Changes And Review

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The 2020 Cadillac XT5 changes are perhaps categorized as mild refresh. Expected to be firstly introduced to the market on this very 2019, the car will mark a meaningful release for the Cadillac’s crossover. Along with XT4 and the debut of XT6, the Cadillac crossover’s release is complete.

Being one of the best-selling model of the brand, the XT5 is one of the worth anticipated release, hopefully in this recent time. The mid-cycle changes are probably just what you need. From the undergone test last year, it is evident that the XT5 have a slight change on the exterior, some new styling on the inside, and improvement on the engine.

2020 Cadillac XT5 Changes And Review
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Engine Performance

Under the hood, the new XT5 is geared up with the all new turbocharged 2L I4 LSY. It generates 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet torque. On the transmission, a nine-speed automatic is replacing the previous eight-speed unit.

Which are found in 2017 to 2019 products. The turbocharged is design differently for certain areas. The China market gets the turbocharged four-banger. There is a possibility, however, they will also be applied in other areas.

Based on the famous 3.6L V6 engine with 310 horsepower and 271lb-feet torque which applies 8-spped automatic transmission, it is also presumed that the 2020 XT5 will be revised with the new GM 9 speed-automatic gearbox.

Design And Exterior

The new look in the XT5 design gives the impression of Escala and XT4. They have some similarities. Spotted and camouflaged during the test, it had been presumed that the new XT5 would have revision on the front end of the grille. While on the rear end, very much likely it would be revised with a new bumper.

However, after some photo leakage of the new look, we can tell that there is indeed mild revision on the design. Yet the slight changes will not let you down, because the improvement look obviously stylish and classy. The new XT5 has a lower, mesh pattern grille, replacing the horizontal one.

You might still be familiar with this mesh pattern because it actually first appeared on the Cadillac XT4. The brand will present the mesh pattern grille in their two latest design, the Premium luxury for luxurious types which is known for its bright body accent and the Sport for sporty types which has black chrome body accent.

You might not find difference in the headlights. Another noted change is at the rear, it gets new light signature on the taillight, to be exact.

Interior Design

There have not been valid information about the interior improvements. Speculation and expectation say that the new XT5 will have classy look inside. It is also roomy and safe, constructed with all fine materials like carbon fiber and wood. Driving will be a more enjoyable and safe experience, thanks to the seat that offers premium comfort with high quality support, the same quality goes for passenger seats.

2020 Cadillac XT5 Changes And Review
via cadillac.com

Meanwhile, the changes in driving amenities and entertainment media are predicted to be keyless entry, climate control with dual-zone mode, a wireless charging pad for smartphone, 8.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system, 8 speakers Bose audio, connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android, panoramic sunroof, parking sensors, and still lots more unrevealed. It is also said to have a new steering wheel and rotary control. Those were previously introduced by the new XT6.

Release Date And Price

Some sources said the car is expected to be on the market by the late quarter of the 2019. There is no further information found about the price, but it is presumed to be up to $43.000.