2021 Honda Passport Hybrid
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2021 Honda Passport Hybrid, Crossover Car With Comfortable Passenger Space And Cargo

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2021 Honda Passport Hybrid comes to you with SUV selection. It means that it is one type of SUV. But this is the most favorite SUV in its class. There are many reasons why it is the most favorite in its class. It is a crossover design.

Midsize crossover has passenger space and cargo. And you need to know that 2021 Honda Passport Hybrid has both. It presents your wider legroom and more head.

It means it has more space. And if we compare with its sibling, Honda CR-V, this automotive product has more cargo room.

Honda Passport Hybrid can be your friends in adventuring the wild nature. Are you curious about more specifications of Honda Passport Hybrid? Well, automotive lovers! Let’s check the explanation below!

280 Horsepower Engine

The engine has 280 horsepower. It means that the engine is equal with 6-rate automatic that is the regular or 9-automatic transmission. Besides, it presents a 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

This car saves the fuel well. It is the particular crossover that wastes 19 miles per gallon in the town and in the freeway, it wastes 27 miles per gallon.

Because this is an energy-saving car, it has a good choice for you who want a larger room and saving money for the fuel. This V-6 engine and completed with torque-vectoring AWD makes this car to be better to face sandy, muddy, and rocky road.

So, for you who like traveling to the hard road region, you can choose the Honda Passport Hybrid as your choice.

Wonderful Interior And Exterior

Talking about the interior and exterior of Honda Passport Hybrid is an amazing thing. Many wonderful features that make you feel amazed and want to bring this car to your house soon. It has rugged styling and hidden storage compartments.

It is made Honda Passport is a great choice for your wonderful journey. The color of the front side is black with glossy accents. It has been completed with LED fog lights. So, don’t worry about the fog around you on your journey! Keep relaxing with Honda Passport Hybrid.

How about your goods while exploring your journey? The roof rails of this car can support until 165 pounds. You can combine it with accessory crossbars.

The seat is enough for five people. The legroom, hip room, shoulder room are the same as in the front seat. So, it is comfortable on a long journey, isn’t it? The floor mat is durable and hard.

It protects from a tear in driving every day. Besides, it is easy to clean. The door is stainless steel. It is illuminated. It means that there is protection from scuff marks. In all 4 doors, there are illuminate logo Passport.

It is an amazing thing. For rugged style, it is completed with fender flares. It is designed in matching the color and texture of the factory trim.

This is will be long-lasting because it is made from polypropylene material. If we look at the front underbody spoiler, you will look aggressive and sporty character. It is designed in precise fit and the color is matched based on the original factory specifications.

2021 Honda Passport Hybrid Interior
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Now, let’s see the cargo. This is easy to lift the cargo. You just need to kick the foot toward the sensor beneath the bumper to open the cargo. This is hands-free to open it.

The capacity of cargo is 50 cubic feet behind the second row. In the second row itself, the capacity is over 100 cubic feet. It makes you comfortable inside this car.

It has underfloor storage. You can find this below the floor panel. You can organize everything you need in driving here. That is about the interior and exterior design of the 2021 Honda Passport Hybrid. This is the real adventure car. The interior and exterior design will make you proud of having this car.

For adventuring cars, this is better than Grand Cherokee. The total interior volume of Grand Cherokee is 141.7 on the other side Honda Passport Hybrid is 157.1. In conclusion, Honda Passport Hybrid is a larger interior volume than Grand Cherokee. The larger it is, the more comfortable the passengers inside.

Released Date And Price

For all specifications above, for 2021 Honda Passport Hybrid will release in 2021 in mid or at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the price of this automotive product is $31.000 until $44.000. For all the amazing specifications, the price is fit.

Well, automotive lovers! This is some detailed information about Honda Passport Hybrid. If you want to know more, you can go to Honda’s website or come to the dealer Honda. You can find more detailed information about the engine, interior and exterior design, and the price.

You will see it is better in its class, especially in the touring experience.

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