The 2021 BMW iNext SUV, The Future Is Here

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The German luxury car company, BMW, is not only consistent in providing classy cars with high levels of security and comfort, but also provides the increasingly sophisticated technological innovations.

It was reported that the 2021 BMW iNext SUV will be available with a choice of self-driving technology. Surely this will be a great point to be considered for high-end car enthusiasts to embrace the future.

Self-Driving Technology

To develop self-driving technology, BMW is collaborating with another German car maker, Daimler, which is the Mercedes-Benz’s parent.

Self-driving technology for levels 4 and 5 will actually be launched to the market in 2024 at the earliest, but level 3 of this technology is likely to start being offered for 2021 BMW iNext SUV.

For level 3 technology, iNext SUV will face competition with Audi A8L which claimed to be the first to have level 3 self-driving technology.

Level 3 means that in limited conditions, the car can drive itself, while human intervention is required after the car gives a warning signal. This is an improvement from level 2, in which a human is expected to take over immediately when the warning lights up.

While for level 4, the car is getting smarter driving itself under set conditions, and requires human intervention when it comes out of the setting conditions. If humans do not immediately take over, the car will automatically pull over in a safe manner.

Meanwhile level 5 technology means that the car can drive itself in any desired condition so that even if there is no one onboard, the car will still run on its own. This advanced technology will come in handy in times of emergency and can save lives.

However, this technological development needs to be accompanied by changes in driving regulations, which still become a homework for autonomous car manufacturers.

2020 BMW iNext SUV Specs

Exterior Design

There are some significant changes in the 2021 BMW iNext SUV exterior, for example it applies exterior design that is safer and more adaptable. We can expect that this version has a larger front grille, which is likely to be a place where sensors are installed to accommodate self-driving level 3 technology.

The form of headlight is slimmer and the overall body is more curvy compared to BMW X5 and BMW X7 series, which gives more sexy look.

Interior Design

When testing the iNext SUV prototype series in the winter 2019, the interior of the car has not been revealed yet. But there are possibilities that lots of cool features are implanted, for example the steering wheel that will goes into the dashboard when the car is in self-driving mode.

The sensitive panel might also be installed in the back seat which is embedded in the seat cover, so the passengers sitting in the rear seats can have comfortable access to the control panels.

Engine Performance

The 2021 BMW iNext SUV will use a platform that supports both ICE and EV models, and many says it will be the flagship of ‘I’ series. Electric motors are likely to be installed on the back just like in the Tesla model, with batteries positioned between axles on the floor. For more expensive classes, it will add extra electric motors on the front.

No one knows yet about the performance of the iNext series engine, but rumors say that this car can travel 340 miles or the equivalent of 611 km with a speed of 0-62ph or equivalent to 100km/h in just about 4 seconds.

Release Date and Price

The iNext series SUV will be launched in 2021 and BMW promises that this series will mark a new era of pleasant driving. There is not yet rumour that predicts how much it will cost for all the technology carried by iNext SUV in 2021, but whatever the price is will be worth it for everything it has to offer.